The creative brief for this sales project was to show Episerver platform & Siteworx design capability using their existing website as a style guide. This project was completed within a day and a half as it had a quick deadline. I was tasked with creating the desktop & mobile designs.

Desktop & mobile version of the homepage

I started out by doing a little research to get to understand them better. I went to all their social media channels, viewed a ton of their videos and then started sketching out ideas on paper. Before starting on the visual comp, I spent some time gathering inspiration and observed the existing website to take note of their brand and their use of color. 
My first approach, regarding the content on the site, was to lead with featured events but after a couple rounds of feedback was convinced to lead with the hero carousel because it would make more of an impact in a sales presentation. I also spent some time with their navigation structure and re-organized it based on what their main focus is. 
And the final result...

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